About Us

Doha Sports Company branches Kuwari a business group owned 100% of the founders Qataris. Founded in the city of Doha in 2005 in a sports center for the practice of sports training in all areas of specialized sports

Provide special training courses fitness in all disciplines and all sectors with instructors with experience in the field of fitness, whether the target weight loss or improved fitness or strengthen the muscles of the body or improve endurance or change the style of life for the better as will coaches fitness we have developed a specialized program meets all the needs and provide solutions for all We have available trained to a high level of competence and experience holders of training certificates of specialized international bodies in the field of fitness and we have a future plan to bring a larger number of trained specialists to cover all disciplines

The objectives of the Doha Sports Company 2015 – 2016

To create a healthy environment by using sophisticated advanced fitness products and outstanding service and realize our vision and achieve the goals have been developed scientific plan for the next phase to cover all sectors and regions in the State of Qatar The opening of training centers in various regions to serve all segments of society in addition to the work of the sports competitions and participation in local sporting events effectively

The hotels sector

The hotel sector of the important sectors to be covered and that the appropriate environment for the practice of sports activities where advanced capabilities and outstanding facilities as well as privileged members

Government sector

Doha Sports Center officially accredited by the Qatari Olympic Committee for the training of trainers as a certified rehabilitation coaches and the issuance of global certificates to the trainees qualify them for training in various sports sectors as well as provide special offers to employees of the public sector to encourage them to join the programs for fitness training

Sports clubs

Contracting with a distinctive sporting clubs manage gyms for sports clubs, in all its forms this because of its distinguished members of clubs and facilities with advanced specifications

Malls and shopping centers

Presence in malls and major shopping centers and distinctive with a strong turnout in the State of Qatar inaugurated the three branches of the Doha sports center specializing in the field of fitness

private sector

This sector is characterized by formed by a large proportion of the workers and the different nationalities and the multiplicity of business, including the terms of reference Banking sector , Private sector companies , Education sector

Doha Academy Sports Company

Our project for the New Year 2016 is the establishment of a private Academy sophisticated global system specializing in the training and qualification of trainers in the field of fitness and sport in general and includes major gym world-class and outstanding services in partnership with specialized experienced international companies in this field and the use of specialized training Courses and that exclusively represent in the State of Qatar and cooperation with it in all fields.