About Padel Doha

Padel is the fastest growing racket sport in the world. Already very popular in Qatar, the game is quickly attracting new players around the globe.

Padel is a mix of tennis and squash and is only played in doubles. Is counted according to the rules of tennis, the walls are involved in the game. The paddle is approximately a half of a tennis court and is surrounded on all sides by glass and meshed panels. As with the tennis court is divided by a network in two halves. It is played with tennis balls and special raquets designed for padel.

The overall dimensions of the field are lower than that of the tennis. With the reduction of the field and the rise of number of players for the same surface we get an increase from 2-4 players to 8-12 players. The return on the investment is very attractive and paddle is like the cool brother of tennis.


Padel is a unique racket sport played between two couples. It is easy to pick up and enjoy from day one but sofisticated enough to keep you learning and pushing yourself to become a master. Padel is for everyone, embracing all genders, ages and levels of fitness.